Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Question Number 8 - Your Take on Brainwashing

Dear Watchtower Society,

What is your take on the subject of brainwashing?

*** g80 1/8 p. 13 Has Mass Persuasion Affected You? ***
"The person most easily brainwashed is the 'normal,' average individual. Such a one is already conditioned to accept opinions of others rather than to form strong convictions of his own. On the other hand, those hardest to brainwash are ones with unconventional ideas and strong convictions and who are not afraid of what others think."

What are some suggestions for your members to avoid being brainwashed?

*** g80 1/8 p. 14 Has Mass Persuasion Affected You? ***

"Have strong convictions: As noted above, the person most easily brainwashed is the one quickly swayed by others. Do not go along with an idea just because your associates accept it. Make sure that the views you adopt are truthful. The best way to do that is by comparing them with the inspired Word of God, which is ultimately 'the truth.'

Find the reason: Inadvertently we often accept attitudes without knowing what is behind them. For instance, people in your
community may have a negative view of certain races or ethnic groups. But why? If you find the reason unconvincing, why adopt the viewpoint?

Speak up for what you know to be right: This will give you opportunity to test what you believe and more firmly entrench the truth in your life. If you are convinced of the truth of a matter after thorough search, do not be disconcerted by ridicule from others.

Live the truth: Do not look for excuses to compromise what you
know to be right. Remember, if something is right and proper, it will work out for your good. Do not be tricked into thinking that you are missing out on something or that you are unduly restricted because you conform to what is right.

In some respects our minds are like a container of water. If one adds
just a drop or two of ink, all the water quickly becomes colored."

These suggestions to avoid brainwashing you've given seem to be quite sound. If certain members of your corporation continue to follow these suggestions you've given in regard to your teachings, what will the ultimate result be for these members?

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