Saturday, February 28, 2009

Question Number 12 - Secret Elder Meetings

Dear Watchtower Society,

The elders are given a secret publication called "Pay Attention To Yourselves and to All the Flock", creating within them what is called "a granfalloon", also known as "an imagined community" - basically, a cult wihin a cult.
The elders have secret meetings called "elder meetings" that other members are not permitted to attend, furthering the "imagined community" even more.
In these meetings, sins of members are often "discreetly" discussed, members' pasts are discussed - their habits, their shortcomings, basically areas of the members' lives where the elders are programmed to help, all usually being done without the permission and never with the input of the ones being discussed - discussions that are based on third party hearsay. Often, misrepresentations of ones being discussed are stated as facts with no defense able to be offered directly from the ones being scrutinized.
In a case where a child molester is released from prison and shows up in the kingdom hall, the elders meet and discuss this new situation. Are the other members warned of the person's past as law enforcement agencies and school districts do? Are the single female members with children given clear warning about the person approaching their children with candy and gifts? Or, does the WTS' secret structure hidden within the "organization" prevent this secret knowledge from being presented to the other so-called "brothers and sisters"? Why are certain members - elders - allowed to discuss this situation, but other members are not allowed to attend these meetings and also be included in these discussions? Wouldn't a "loving" so-called "family" being supposedly led and protected by what you label as "glorious ones" want to do all they can to protect the so-called "sheep"? Why does your "legal department" forbid them from doing so? Who really directs your organization? God, as you say, or the legal department?

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