Saturday, February 7, 2009

Question Number 4 - The Emphatic Diaglott and "The Anointed"

Dear Watchtower Society,

In 1902, the printing plates of the word for word translation of the Greek Scriptures called the Emphatic Diaglott was purchased by one of your representatives and then presented to you as a gift.

The Emphatic Diaglott printed by you today, is it something that must be ordered only through congregations of Jehovah's Witnesses and something not accessible to the public?

Here is a quote by Jesus Christ from the Emphatic Diaglott that wasn't printed by you for the first two decades after the plates were purchased and "presented as a gift" to you:
Mt 24:5 "Many for shall come in the name of me, saying: I am the Anointed; and
many they shall deceive. Not therefore go you after them." Luk 21:8 (Emphatic
Isn't it true that some of the members of your religious order claim to be The Anointed? At what point did certain members begin referring to themselves as The Anointed, an expression connoting a higher spirituality than others?

If given the choice, should the members under your authoritarian rulership continue obeying you and keep waiting for "new light", or should they begin listening to Christ and not go after the ones among you calling themselves The Anointed anymore?

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