Saturday, February 7, 2009

Question Number 2 - "Unsuitable Fish"

Dear Watchtower Society,

Regarding the explanation given for a quote Jesus Christ made at Matthew 13:47-50 involving angels separating individuals at the time of Armageddon* found in the July 15, 2008 Watchtower magazine, page 21, paragraph 19: Why do you stereotypically label and compartmentalize people that have stopped studying the Bible with members of your corporation by comparing them to "unsuitable fish"?

***w08 7/15 pg 21 par 19***

"As with the unsuitable fish, many who once studied the Bible with Jehovah's
people have stopped studying."

Do you feel you are assisting the angels before Armageddon by psychologically separating and further isolating your members from society in general through the skilled use of a propaganda technique called simile? Do you expect your members to actually believe this information coming from you as true or are the members merely accepting this information as just another tenet so as to continue "remaining in good standing" with their families and within the congregation?

Wouldn't enforcing members to accept a tenet such as the one previously mentioned or face shunning by the ones you've appointed as "overseers" be a form of mind-control? By marking certain members that cannot consciously accept certain tenets as being prideful and rebellious, coupled with ordering their family and friends to shun them if they do not feel they can accept a tenet decreed by you, you have placed yourself in a very detestable light in the eyes of the public in general. Would this motivate your members to obey your rigid demands out of love or out of fear of being branded and then expelled as they've seen carried out by you repeatedly?

Are there annual reports on the number of people you've branded as "unsuitable fish" and then expelled? Based on the increase in peak publishers over the past ten years subtracted from the total sum of ones baptized over the past ten years it would appear that the number of ones that are no longer active members is quite a bit larger than many current members are aware of. This high turn over is rather strange for a group that claims to have "the truth". Of course, simple mathematic computation is not something the members of your corporation are programmed to become very skilled in which would explain their ignorance when it comes to doing simple math.

Will the inquisitors have to wait for "new light" (alterations to the "present truth") in order to find out why you have assumed the role of angels by labeling ones that do not agree with your tenets as "unsuitable fish"?

*(Matthew 13:49)

"...the angels will go out and separate the wicked from among the

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