Saturday, February 14, 2009

Question Number 10 - Reasoning From The Scriptures

Dear Watchtower Society,

You have a publication to assist your members in the house to house ministry. It's entitled "Reasoning From the Scriptures". Here are several quotes from the book:

*** rs p. 405 par. 2 Trinity ***

The New Catholic Encyclopedia states: "The formulation ‘one God in three
Persons’ was not solidly established..."

*** rs p. 41 par. 3 Apostolic Succession ***

The New Catholic Encyclopedia admits: " . . . the scarcity of documents..."

*** rs p. 353 par. 3 Saints ***

The New Catholic Encyclopedia, 1967, Vol. XI, p. 670, acknowledges: "Usually in
the N[ew] T[estament], all prayer..."

*** rs p. 176 par. 4 Holidays ***

The New Catholic Encyclopedia acknowledges: "The date of Christ’s birth is..."

Wouldn't a more appropriate title be "Reasoning From The New Catholic Encyclopedia"?

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