Saturday, February 7, 2009

Question Number 3 - "Flock Book"

Dear Watchtower Society,

Is it true that you furnish what you label as "overseers" with a "disciplinary", textbook that must be precisely followed?

Is it also true that this textbook must be kept confidential from both the public and members not in positions of leadership within the agency under your autocratic leadership?

This raises more questions; What does this publication contain that must be kept confidential? Why must it be kept confidential? Does this create an environment of mind-control called an imagined community among the leaders comparable to Hitler's cadre of easily identified, brownshirted, jackbooted thugs - forging solidarity among the few "in the know"?

Wouldn't this form a pyramidal agency based on a heirarchy of secret knowledge, another propaganda technique? How do you convince the members under your leadership that you represent an organization that is "united in worship" when there are elements within the organization privy to techniques and procedures that are hidden from others? Please bring "new light" so your members will not rebelliously leave, psychologically disturbed.

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