Monday, February 9, 2009

Question Number 7 - Brainwashing

Dear Watchtower Society,

In the summer of 1975, Steve Hassan, a former leader of the destructive cult called the Moonies attended an assembly of followers and relates the experience involving an accusation from a popular magazine against the authoritarian leader Sun Myung Moon that he was brainwashing his followers and how Moon handled the accusation. Here's Hassan's words taken from page 56 of the book he authored entitled "Combatting Cult Mind Control":
"I do remember, however, Moon giving us a speech in which he said a popular magazine had accused him of brainwashing us. He declared, 'Americans' minds are very dirty - full of selfish materialism and drugs - and they need a heavenly brainwashing!' We all laughed."
Do you agree with Sun Myung Moon's defense against the accusation of brainwashing members and also find his response to the accusation comical?

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