Monday, February 9, 2009

Question Number 6 - Sons of God

Dear Watchtower Society,

You have repeatedly reinforced a tenet into the minds of your members that only the "anointed class" of members, the "144,000" are adopted as sons of God.

*** w87 3/15 pp. 14-15 par. 17 ***
"What about those to whom Jesus referred as his "other sheep"? (John 10:16) Do they enjoy such peace with God? Not as sons of God, but Colossians 1:19, 20 does include them as recipients of divine peace."
*** ip-2 chap. 15 p. 222 par. 12 ***
"Though not among the anointed sons of "Jerusalem above," these faithful companions of the anointed fill an important and long-prophesied role."
If the "other sheep" are not sons of God, who are they the sons of?

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